of absences and returns

Dear friends and lovers, wouldn’t it be an understatement (to those who know me) that it has been awhile? I had an extended and unexplained absence, but really, it’s just me being absolutely preoccupied with (1) uni, (2) moving to a new city, and (3) re-thinking what I want to do in this industry. I think I have a clearer idea, and feeling of what I want to do now. I’m readying myself for the new year.

I enjoy and find most meaningful my meetings with those whom I am building a long-term intimacy with the most. When I think back to my independent days, I often think about my regulars back in Auckland, whom I continue to adore, genuinely miss and think fondly of. From hereon I hope to dedicate myself to my small, curated list of lovers. I hope to find, establish and nurture the same kind of wonderful encounters and relationships again.

With this in mind, I will be ending my abrupt hiatus, and will be taking booking enquiries once again.

I am looking forward to once again being more active and sharing more of what I’m up to!

Thank you for waiting for me,

AMAYA x (formerly known as Serena Woo…)