About Miss Amaya Shen

I am a free thinker, a woman with an analytical mind and an anarchist heart. A calm soul with an insatiable heart.  A creature of the night, of sunsets and clandestine alliances, practitioner in the manner and form of unspeakable things. And this above all: a radical lover — all that I do, I do with all my heart and intention; to be good, true and free. 

As a collector of experiences and not things, I must admit I am a seeker of the illicit, of secret-making, and pleasure-taking. I am drawn to this inner world which we can create for ourselves; to be a world unto ourselves.  The more exclusive the better; there are few things I want more than being your indulgent secret….

I dabble in a multitude of curiosities, but am a true child of the Humanities: a voracious student that has flitted between English literature, art, history, classics, film and philosophy. It is in between my studies that I pursue big time sensuality, feeding the thrill of deep delights. 

If you are after someone with a genuine sense of being; someone with whom you can be completely yourself with and share in your own generosity, I daresay your search may stop here….?

Let’s get acquainted (Sydney):

Due to my schedule, I have various states of availability so generally bookings in advance are the best way to manifest a meeting and avoid disappointment.

Outcall bookings to places outside of the Sydney city-centre may incur extra travel fees; to secure an outcall booking a 25% deposit of the booking consideration may be requested at my discretion, which will be refunded if given 24 hours cancellation notice, OR one of the screening methods listed below.

Incall bookings are hosted 10-15 minutes drive away from the Sydney city centre, in the inner-west suburbs at a discrete apartment. All incall dates with new gentlemen require pre-screening; you may choose from either of two options: (1) a reference from a provider you have seen in the last 8 months; or (2) verification of your identity through government issued identification. At my discretion a 25% deposit may be requested, which may be refunded if given 24 hours cancellation notice, or if after that time as deposit for a future date.

Note: pre-screening waived for previous lovers and friends from New Zealand –please supply details.

Sydney Experiences

Meet and Greet

I am at heart a dilettante in all manner of things driven by the proverbial insatiable curiosity. An active listener: I believe one of the most tender things you can actually do is listen to someone else, and not merely wait for your turn to speak. The art of sharing, giving and looking after others lays at the heart of me and in my cultural heritage.

I am a mix of ambition and understanding that the universe has its ways, and sometimes all you can do is give yourself up to its machinations. I am the sort that will strive to do my best in all things, if I am to try at all. I personally consider success being making those close to me happy, content and not left wanting –and most of all — if I leave this world a little better than I have found it.

If you’d like a prelude and get to know one another more first, let’s go for a quick lunch or leisurely Sunday brunch, a simple coffee date, or late night wine bar serendipity…

Please enquire


Her Sensual Delight

I thrive on close physical and mental connection, but there is nothing more indulgent than being doted on body and soul, and surrendering myself to the senses. You may expect our private encounters to be at heart GFE-esque: filled with intimacy, sensuality and desire. I am supremely comfortably in my sexuality and desires, and you will find that our meeting is like that of a close confidant….

I do hesitate to describe my service as ‘GFE’, as it is incapable of conveying the extent and varied nature of my desires. Furthermore every encounter is different, and depends on chemistry, mood, desires and/or spur of the moment thrills. All I can ask is for you to place your trust in me, to bring me close so you may be discovered and known, and to spoil me a bit in return…. I just know something wonderful and fulfilling awaits us both.

1 hour/ 600

1.5 hours  / 750
(recommended minimum time for new lovers)

2 hours/ 1000

3 hours / 1500

4 hours / 2000

(For out-calls to a central hotel please add 50)


Overnights, FMTY and other extended ventures…. please enquire.

Please note: All amounts are in AUD. I only provide protected sexual services.For reference here is list of services I do provide.



For encounters in Sydney, all points of contact begins with an email. Please send your enquiries and booking requests to enquiries.amaya@gmail.com or through the online form provided below. I will endeavour to answer all emails within 24 hours.

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