How do you pronounce your name?

It is pronounced Ah-mah-yah.

How petite are you?

I am 159 cm tall / 5″3 and I fluctuate between 47 – 49 kgs. I am a size 6/XS.

How did you come to find yourself in the world of sex work?

I have always been very, very open-minded. As a young child, it never even occurred to me that heterosexuality was the norm –if two people showed signs of affection I recognised, I automatically thought they loved each other, and were likely a couple –regardless of gender!

I was a rather precocious child too, and I remember following the legalisation of sex-work in New Zealand in the newspaper. I remember agreeing to the arguments that legalisation would protect workers by ensuring their rights. I thought, what was there to be against in protecting others?

After high school, a friend started working in the massage industry, and I didn’t think anything of it; in fact, it just fed the fantasy I always had about secretly working in the adult industry –I love sex and intimacy, so the whole idea of it all thrilled me, and eventually I had enough courage to do so after finishing my master’s degree.

And it was as I thought it would be and more –I absolutely adore it; it has given me the ability to give priorities to the passions in my life, to pursue the education I want, and encounter people I would have otherwise never entered into orbit with. I am so grateful for the people I have met on this ongoing journey, the connections made, the moments shared, the discoveries about what it means to be human, and amongst all that an awakening and embrace of my own sexuality and pleasures….

What are your interests / what do you do outside of escorting?

Outside of escorting I am a full-time post-grad student (therefore my warnings of limited availability –sometimes I end up disappearing for weeks on end). Whilst study takes up a lot of my time, I always find time for my other myriad interests: I love attending art galleries, yoga classes, browsing for vinyl, nature walks, cafe-hopping (finding new cafes to read in is a perennial hobby of mine), bookstores, and cinema. I also do volunteer work, so that takes up a significant portion of my days too.

I am only a foodie in the sense there is not a cuisine I do not love; I happily eat anything.

Will you see me?

Despite my openness ultimately I am very selective of whom I see and bring into my circle –I am lucky to be in a position to see clients because I want to, not need to. But rest assured I will never discriminate against any kind of person based on gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, disability or sexual experience. Generally as long as you can legally consent, fulfil my screening requirements and establish a respectful rapport with me, I am more than happy to meet you.

Do you do in-booking extensions?

Yes I do, all you have to do is ask; it is best to be prepared with extra consideration to cover any extended time together, but this may also be arranged afterwards.

Do you offer doubles?

I am supremely comfortable in my sexuality, and identify as pansexual –I adore loving on the human body regardless of gender or genitalia. Doubles with another lady are truly some of my favourite things to participate in ever!

Can you provide a reference for me?

If I have seen you before, and we had a lovely time with each other, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will happily provide a reference for other providers –no need to feel shy or awkward about it; I support providers and the sex work industry 100% and will always support my colleague’s success. Furthermore: let it never be said I would stand in the way of the possibilities of great experiences and connections, intimate or otherwise!