I wrote this the night after my last hour at the Doll House, I have only gotten around to posting it now, so here it is.

A love note, not an adieu.

Today was my last day at Doll House. It was sad but so, so sweet.

We had a shared lunch, despite how busy everyone was.

There were three types of pop corn, what I found to be the funniest arrangement of chips, pizza, fried chicken, home-made cup-cakes and cookies. It was a proper delectable junk food fest.

I want to thank all the ladies and reception staff at Doll House! The community and the ladies, the amazing and beautiful souls I was blessed to be around, to adore and share my time with. I want to therefore take some time to express my gratefulness to have met these wonderful women:

Ally –I will miss your quiet, but exceedingly naughty personality….and the peek-a-boo of the most pert bum underneath your lace robe.

Ashely –such a bright individual! I will miss being around the resident Jessica Rabbit (that’s who you remind me of –that amazing body, voluptuousness and that sultry voice)

Brooke –dazzling English lady; you always did your own thing, at your own pace and with your own style –I’m grateful to have crossed paths with a genuinely lovely person as you.

Cassie –my gorgeous friend; so lovable I could hug her all day. I’m so grateful to be a part of your life!

Lily –warmest sweetheart, with a smile to melt the legs from under you. Thank you for the kisses and pizza! Love you.

Luna –awesome, funny girl with the best laugh! Amazing eyes and cutest smile. Thank you my friend for sharing your food! See you soon for dinner.

Ruby –devilish red-headed babe! Take me to Crystal Mountain.

Naysha – beautiful bronze goddess, a natural beauty inside & out. Thank you so much for organising the shared lunch and all the other things you have helped me out with!

Stevie –I don’t think you can be described –a genuine firework of a personality! I loved being groped by you (and vice versa…), your laughs and your tough love. Thank you, see you around soon.

Staff –

Thank you receptionists Fern & Eve!

I love you both; I’m so grateful for you two, thank you for all the hard work, for supporting me and everyone else.

Rebecca –

I adore you, thank you for welcoming me into the DH family. You have made the safest and most supportive place for full-service ladies to work at in Auckland. I’m so grateful for you. And thank you for my wonderous terrarium (which I have named ‘Anarres’ (my ode to Le Guin). I promise it shall thrive.


eternal kisses x



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