Here’s a riddle (a chance to wax poetic about my latest adoration, really):

It is understated, a memorial to what it once was, yet continues to carry the beauty of its past forms. The blotted colours of its youth. You may think death, but that is wrong; it becomes everlasting. It does not rot though it no longer seeks the sun. It stirs in the olfactory memory thoughts of archives, ochre-stained pages, of autumnal times in the lives of books. What am I?

I am speaking of dried flower bouquets, that wistfully beautiful incarnation of floral arrangements:

Yours truly holding my own bespoke dried flower bouquet, with eucalyptus leaves for a lingering fragrance

If the idea of fresh flower bouquets often strikes you as wasteful and wretched, I recommend a dried flower bouquet. These make a lovely and thoughtful gift that will outlast the days in which it is given, a bearer of your sentiment that will endure through the season.

It is best to plan in advance, as florists may require two to three weeks waiting time to prepare these bouquets. Alternatively, you can visit specialist dried flower florists, such as Mark and Antonia whose showroom is located at 3B Central Road, Kingsland, Auckland, 1021.

kisses all xoxo


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