A yellow-flesh peach and I.

There’s nothing like lounging in one’s undergarments.

I just want to say…I saw Ashley again, the new young lady that very recently started officially at Doll House today, all dressed up and ready to stun. She wore a tight black dress, liquid black eye-liner and rosy lips.

What I meant to say is: she is an absolute bombshell. Shell-smooth skin and blond hair, delicate features with a buxom body that is truly made for appreciation. I dusted glitter on her breasts once, so I can personally vouch that they are globular wonders that cannot be contained by any man’s hands.

I love all my fellow ladies, and I think you will (should?) too!


This morning, lounging in my cornflower blue set! My favourite brand for off-duty, everyday wear is Lonely Lingerie, a beautiful and empowering New Zealand brand. They are just so lovely.



Such a humid day today. Had some down time catching up with the news with a great latte at RAD cafe, Mount Eden. I really do love Mount Eden…it has its own vibe, i feel.

I remember the first time walking down Mount Eden road…and there was this gap between buildings; the street became a momentary balcony –a drop below and spread out with the width of two houses and the area for four plots of houses, was what appeared to be a lush community garden. It was just so enchanting. I will definitely take a picture next time. I always pause to admire the strange glory that overcomes me when I see this garden.